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Fashion Show Raffles City
Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 10:40 PM
A showcase in the mall for

Unlike the normal fashion show where there's a runway and a backstage to work at,we did the make up for the models in this office unit that has been left empty 1 level up the shopping area. It was a great experience working with hairstylists from THE SCENE(Raffles City Level 3). I would say they really delievered the expected hairstyles wanted for the show. Great people to work with, and of course, great models.

Only managed to capture a couple of pictures using my cellphone, will be uploading more pictures in WORKS when the other artist sends me the picture from her camera!

Only 1 look for the evening, but i think its a great job done!

Backstage @ Vivocity
Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 5:26 AM
It's my first time doing BACKSTAGE! All thanks to Hui Mei (RESIDENT TRAINER MAC SINGAPORE) who hired me as their freelancer for the shows. I guess most of us would have seen a runway before, i've finally seen the mess behind the scene! The models are relaly nice people, unlike what we always presume them to be. Being on the runway is really tiring! They have to change really quickly, get their make up done the way the organisers want and not have a say in it, they catch a wink whenever they can as they have to wake up really early for rehearsals. Show starts at 2pm, my calltime is 1030pm, the models? 6am. Alrighty, time to check out pictures.

She is from China! The only Asian in the lot of models

Look for CROCS show.

Look for MARKS and SPENCER show. The model is really PRETTY!

Christopher, the only name i remember. Well, we're all visual creatures yeah?

For Tangs

Look for Tangs

More pictures in my album! Check them out in my portfolio!

Chic Magazine
Thursday, April 1, 2010, 6:21 AM
Hi people, do check out my space for updates on my works, and tips for make up!

Chic Magazine's out, and i just gotten the pictures from the editor! They look really great!! All thanks to the model! She has great features and skin!
Unfortunately, the art department got the credits wrong, and credited another make up artist for my work, so CHIC MAGAZINE was really nice to have passed me the soft copy of the nicely edited photos personally! THUMBS UP to CHIC Magazine. It's $2.80 per issue, every friday fornight. Do check their Magazine out for make up tips, shopping tips and cheap buys!